Behind Bars

Beyond Bars: Columnist recalls a lesson of positivity from former cellmate

BD 010418 Brian Wood 02

Paul is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, and still he’s about the happiest guy I’ve ever met.


Why I Write

Mona Charen

I began writing the book just published this week -- "Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense" -- in 2014. I'd been thinking about the issues it addresses for decades. Yet yesterday, when an interviewer posed the simple question: "What prompted you to write...


Let's Not Confuse Civility With Surrender

Connie Schultz

Before I sat down to write this column about what it means to be civil in today's political climate, I took my dog for a walk through our neighborhood. We live in the largest development built in the city of Cleveland since World War II. It's diverse, racially and economically, and home to many...


Democrats' Convenient Outrage

Adriana Cohen

Democrats live in gargantuan glass houses. They attack President Donald Trump and the Republican Party at every turn for actions and misdeeds the Democratic Party was guilty of when it was in power. Take the current immigration crisis. During the Obama years, millions of people -- including drug...


A Victory for Speech, Faith and Life

Laura Hollis

On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its much-anticipated decision in the case of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra. At issue in the Becerra case was California's odious Reproductive FACT Act, a 2015 statute that required pro-life (and predominantly Christian)...


What Trump gets

Rich Lowry

In the 1950s, the great neo-conservative intellectual Irving Kristol acknowledged Joe McCarthy's stark failings, but famously refused to take the side of his critics. "For there is one thing," he wrote, "that the American people know about Senator McCarthy: He, like them, is unequivocally anti-...


Shut Up, They Explain

John Stossel

I'm not surprised that mobs shriek at Trump administration officials in restaurants and that Maxine Waters wants more of that. I've watched this happen at American colleges. One example: Heather Mac Donald is a Manhattan Institute scholar who wrote the book "The War on Cops." She argues that...


America Divided Against Itself, Again

Star Parker

On May 22, 1856, Representative Preston Brooks entered the floor of the United States Senate, approached abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner, and beat the senator with a cane, almost taking his life. Brooks was provoked by a passionate anti-slavery speech that Sumner had delivered in the Senate...


Criminal Behavior, Not Racism, Explains 'Racial Disparities' in Crime Stats

Larry Elder

A new study on racial disparities in police conduct found that differences in offending by suspects, not racism, explains officers' responses. In the study "Is There Evidence of Racial Disparity in Police Use of Deadly Force?" professors from Michigan State and Arizona State universities analyzed...


Trump is far removed from the ideals of patriotism

Robert Reich

On this coming Fourth of July, it's worth pondering the true meaning of American patriotism -- as opposed to the malignant, distorted view of it propounded by Donald J. Trump. For Trump, the central challenge of American patriotism is to secure our borders. "A nation without borders is not a nation...

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